“Rue has a wryly acute way of spurting out observations, as well as a clear, workmanlike sense of (his own) writing. For him, the latter involves the obvious but utterly crucial task of avoiding cliché,; something that reminds you of something else.”
~The Phoenix 

“From the opener on, Rue’s music sets sharp hooks…”
~San Francisco Examiner 

“…graceful, plaintive melodies.  Gary’s music is…very melodic, very beautiful.” 
~Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“…songs carry the craft  and know-how of someone who has listened to and learned from some of pop’s best lyricists and melody makers.” 
~(Twin Cities) City Pages 

…vibrant, catchy, exciting melodies.” 
~(San Francisco) Bay Area Express 

“…these songs are a clear cut above the usual…each one features at least one major-league moment, phrase or hook…” 
~Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“…songs peppered throughout are tuneful and strong.” 
~Sacramento Bee 

“Super songs…coarse, energetic poetry and unexpected vulnerability.” 
~San Jose Mercury News 

Some of the best music I’ve heard in eons.” 
~Golden Gate (San Francisco)