Nip ‘n’ Tuck
Was conceived in 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and consisted of Gary Rue (guitar/vocal), Jeff Willkomm, bass/vocal), Tilly (drums/vocal). The group was heavily influenced by pop idols of the time (Todd Rundgren, The Raspberries, Steely Dan, Edgar Winter) and termed a ‘melodic rock band’ by the local press (with which the band agreed).* Another in a long list of bands who were ‘this close’ then inexplicably disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle of pop history.

But amongst ourselves, we have all confessed that this humble group of musicians are also the best of friends, this is the group that seems to have worked best for all of us, and after looking at our careers in our respective rear view mirrors, we've decided to give it another go, purely for he joy of playing music together.

We have evolved into a dedicated core trio (with occasional auxiliary assistance) whose desire is to deliver music that is by degrees, free from financial consideration...the logic being, it is difficult at best to make a living recording and performing, so why not just STOP negotiating and get on with the music? (Having said that, we will always accept the green.)

 From the press:
“Nip ‘n’ Tuck is blindingly good.…rock and roll in the best Anglo-American tradition....”
“…the most impressive selections…are the band’s original compositions…catchy but tasteful,
melody-oriented but rock rhythmed, containing melodic and lyrical substance too often lacking
in the pop tunes receiving radio overplay.”
~P. L. Christian
“…to get (that) full of a sound from a 3 piece is nothing short of amazing…close harmonies,
strong hooks, endearing melodies all charged up and ready to go with backbones of real rock energies…
no one else I’ve heard on a local level touches them on their own territory.”
~Laura Fissinger (freelance writer Rolling Stone)
What they’ve been up to:
Gary Rue: Rue Nouveau, Gene Pitney (music director),
theatrical composer, ‘jingle writer, songwriter (Nick Lowe, Helen Reddy),
2010 Inductee Mid America Hall of Fame
2010 MN Music Hall of Fame.
Current Ensemble Projects: Fab 6, Lush Country, Nip and Tuck
Jeff Willkomm: Hermit’n Hermits, Gene Pitney, Lou Christy, Trova,
10 November/Gales of November (theater), educator.
Current Ensemble Projects: Nip and Tuck

Tilly: 2 time inductee into the Minnesota R N R Hall of Fame (Sensational Sleepers & City Mouse),
Department of Defense USO musical representative, backing musician for the Coasters, Platters, Marvelettes and Gene Pitney.
Current Ensemble Projects: Fab 6, Nip and Tuck